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online video production: CUSTOMISED, creative and affordable
We are

A great talent of videographers and designers nationwide, a dedicated sales team and marketing exellence.

Having more than 10 years experience in findinding the right solutions for various enterprises across europe, our designers, videographers and marketing experts have joined together to create THE VIDEO PEOPLE. Having worked for for some of the biggest international names, such as The Body Shop, Adidas and Aldi, the young and talented Video People team is now proud to offer customised video communications for small businesses.

Our aim is to reach the broad band of shop owners and retailers that would not usually consider video production as an option, and make this powerful comunication tool available to the masses thourgh online search engine optimisation.

We only use the HD, the highest technological standards for image and sound. Boosting 2D HD:MPEG4-AVC/H.264 AVCHD, optional 3D HD:MVC image recording and a staggering Audio System, Surround Sound Dolby® Digital 5.1ch as a standard!

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