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thevideopeopletm products will rank your video to the first page. GUARANTEED.

With years of experience and development, TheVideoPepleTM have designed specific Online Video Products and Online Video Marketing Tools, that combined with the right strategy, will achieve your local Online Market Domination.

1. When displaying a product, for instance in an e-commerce site, it will increase the chance of conversion to 80%.

2. It will reduce your bounce rate considerably. When adding Online Video to your landing page, up to 90% will of visitors will view it. This will increase their interest in your services/products and they will spend more time on your site.

3. Make it clear. You have 3 seconds to impress an audience that does not even bother reading what you write. 80% of online users don’t read text chunks.

4. Show you’re ahead of the game. Online Video is the ultimate tool to engage with your users. If its a prototype display, an interactive e-commerce site, or simply an interview style video, you are proving that you use cutting edge technology and communication techniques to satisfy your costumers.

5. Engage, like, trust and convert. That’s how costumers work. With Video, you can do this in 60 seconds.

6. Our pricing is designed to be accessible to small and medium businesses. Invest little to maximise your ROI.

7. 80% of online users watch video. They are not likely to spend more than 3 seconds on your site. How do you plan to reach them?

*comScore, 2013

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